18th Jan, 2008

Il Villaggio Launces Web Pressence

Having tapped the talent at Ryan Provost, Inc., local Italian eatery, Il Villaggio Pizzeria and Ristorante just completed the launch of their first online pressence!

“We recognized a need to cater to our customers in new ways. Many of our customers have requested that we create a website.” said Mr. Beninati. As a result, and through several informal meetings, Mr. Beninati decided to engage the services of Ryan Provost, Inc. for the purpose of building a professional and dynamic design catered to their core business. Mr. Beninati also required a highly reliable hosting solution.

“We believe this site will broaden the overall reach of their product by fully catering to a larger local demographic.” said Mr. Provost, President of Ryan Provost, Inc.

With the successful launch of over 25 websites, Mr. Beninati appears to be in good hands.

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