9th Oct, 2007

Giving Back

In an attempt to help small business owners in developing nations, we have decided to originate a new $25 micro-loan through Kiva.org for each project we successfully complete.  Our selection process places a heavy focus on businesses that both benefit the local community and exemplify the spirit of small business ownership.  We place no emphasis on the gender or region of the applicant.

You may wonder why we chose to originate micro-loans rather than sponsoring these businesses.  Well, we feel it establishes a sense of responsibility within the owner(s), builds a track record for future credit needs, as well as building a strong desire to make the business succeed.  Our loans are issued 100% interest free.

Since we started this program, roughly one-month ago, we have originated two micro-loans!  One is already in repayment!

To view the businesses we have chosen to aid, visit our Lender Page.

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