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We have successfully completed a significant number of projects over the years.  Feel free to browse our nearly complete project history. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to hire us please contact us.

Adobe Flash Projects

AdAge :: Flash Video Player (admin)
Bloom Landscaping (archive)
Croton Cortlandt Center for the Arts (archive)
Elizabeth Kessenides (archive)
Ernst & Young :: Flash Promotional Spot (archive)
Galileo Travel Tutorial (archive)
Gulla Design (archive)
Gunn Landscapes (archive)
Harding Advisory (archive)
K12 :: Egyptian Educational Spot (archive)
K12 :: Rain Educational Spot (archive)
K12 :: Sumerian Educational Spot (archive)
K12 :: “Chaining” - Educational Game (archive)
K12 :: “Leprechaun” - Educational Game (archive)
K12 :: “Reading” - Educational Game (archive)
Lifetime Brands :: Product Viewer (archive)
Quest Advisors :: Video Player (archive)
Skating Primetime Splash (archive)
Steve Edwards Splash (archive)
Tom Smith Design (archive)
Vert Landscapes (archive)

Web Development Projects

AB Profile (archive)
AdAge :: Vendor Marketplace (admin)
Il Villaggio Pizzeria (archive)
PicMyDog (archive)
Pro-Rep » Joseph Catto (archive)
Shauger Group (archive)
Wood Worldwide (archive)

E-Commerce Projects

AmidShips :: Inflatable Boat Parts

Other Projects (2001)
Chess 4 in Flash (archive)
Chess 5 in Flash (archive) (archive)

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